*URGENT HELP* Offer selection--Eventual goal is top MBA / IB

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Hi everybody, please give me your opinions on the following three options. My eventual goal is to obtain a top MBA 2-3 years down the line (top5), or have the opportunity to lateral directly to banking/pe/hf.

  1. GE Capital Investment Analyst Program - Travels 75% of the time, based in CT. Goes out to companies to audit and assess credit and risk exposures borrowing companies. Asset backed lending. Technical focus on asset performance, liqudity, risk analysis, etc.
  2. Big Four Structured Finance Group - Travels 40% of the time, based in NY. A specialty practice within the Big Four that deals with structured products such as CDO, CDS, MBS. Provides services from origination of securitization to accounting and tax support to valuation of different structured products. Half accounting half finance it seems, with the need to grab on CPA/CFA.
  3. Deloitte Consulting Project Analyst - Travels 50-80% of the time, based in NY. Primary activities include financial analysis, budget and forecasting analysis, monitoring project expenditures, maintaining compliance with firm policies, financial reconciliations, conducting variance analysis, and managing the project billing and receivables processes.

Considering MBA placement, skill set developed, experience exposure, company prestige, and general career development, which of the 3 options would give me the best shot at my short term goals? Thanks a lot!

United States - Northeast

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Nov 25, 2009

Without a doubt. Don't even consider the other 2 if an MBA is your aim

Nov 25, 2009

big 4 (espec in an audit or tax function) does not generally provide the "outside the box" thinking and analysis many mba schools desire.

Nov 25, 2009

thanks for the feedbacks so far.

If my offer acceptance date is approaching and I have just been selected for initial rounds with investment management position at a BB, how should I extend my offer date and keep interviewing? Or should I risk it?

Nov 26, 2009


Nov 26, 2009

Take the GE position.

MBA will be 4-5 years out.

Nov 27, 2009