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Thanks for all your advice on this site. It definitely helped with my summer experience. I'm in a dilemna however. I received an offer from the desk I interned with this summer, but have decided to accept an offer elsewhere. What's the best way to call my desk to tell them I won't be accepting their offer? I really don't want to burn any bridges because I really liked them but I just feel the other option I have would be better for me.

Also, I will inevitably get asked where I accepted, and why etc. What's the best way to answer this? Both offers were from similar ranked BBs but I do strongly believe the one I plan to accept will be the better choice for me.

Appreciate any advice.


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Easy (and you're welcome in advance).

When you call them, start by saying, "This is THE (your name)." Don't say anything else or ask to speak with anyone in particular, and continue to refer to yourself in the third person throughout the conversation. Whomever answers the phone, do NOT engage them in polite conversation. Instead, wait at least 5 seconds after they have stopped talking to say, "You're a nobody, and I never liked you." Then, you ask to speak to someone else on the desk.

When they get on the line, you're going to want to establish dominance by insulting their manhood (any 'small penis' joke wll do). You are then going to want to make some demands. Let them know that you have another offer, and that offer comes with fringe benefits. Here is when you let them know that you're pointing at your dick and waiting expectantly (as they won't know since you're on the phone). No matter what they say (or don't say), you cut them off after 5 seconds with "BLOW JOB" in your best Stewie from Family Guy voice. Now's when you hang up and never call them again.

Seriously, though, just be honest with them. Tell them you got an offer from another bank, and you want to go there for XYZ reason. You said you believe the other offer is 'the better choice for you,' so you must have a reason for that belief. Share with them that reason, and if they give you push back, ask them for their candid opinion of the situation, and what they would do in your place. You've hung around these guys for several months, right? Be a fucking man and talk to them like an adult, then. And don't forget to wear your adult diaper during the call just in case you shit yourself again.

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