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Hey guys! I need some information on a few things. I would like to know how difficult the Marshall program at USC is and if I can transfer from Dornsife to Marshall before fall 2019. If not, how hard is internal transfer from Dornsife to Marshall. I also heard about grade deflation in the Marshall school. Is that true? And last but not least, I want to go into investment banking in the future and assuming I have good grades, I was wondering how networking is at USC and which top firms recruit from there and if it's easy to get internships in the east coast (it would be convenient for me because I'm from the east coast). Sorry for all the questions. I would really appreciate if you could help me out here. Thank you so much!! :)

And coming to Northeastern, I heard that the co-ops program is really good. I requested for a major change (cuz the major i put down was economics and i changed it to finance). I was wondering how easy it is to get good grades here and if internships are easy to get, assuming that I have good grades. And if I have good grades, is it easy to get recruited from northeastern.

I visited both schools and liked the environment. I know I'm stressing the point of grades in this post. I'm an outgoing person who does well in social environment so im like good at talking and doing well in interviews. I study hard but I'm not a very very good test taker. I hope this makes sense and many of my friends in IB told me that if i have good grades, it's easy to get recruited (ofc u have to have internships and good interviews but u know what i mean).

Please help out here. I really need advice. Thank you so so much. I really appreciate it.

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Apr 16, 2019