using social media to bolster your career

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Hey, so how are you monkeys using social media to bolster your careers?
Looking for best practices on an individual or firm level.

Some noteworthy examples I've observed:

  • One was a TMT analyst in IBD at a BB bank, and with his MD's permission, he'd compile send out a weekly summary of all the headline TMT deals. That way, he had an excuse to stay top of mind.
  • Another friend was a sales-trader at a BB. When he won 'Top salestrader in X" award, he sent a message to everyone in his network on email via a BCC. It cemented his position in the minds of industry participants, headhunters, and our b-school alumni
  • some VCs keep blogs and do podcasts. (USV comes to mind)
  • one VC firm does an excellent job of upkeeping the firm Facebook page with their latest deals
  • another non-social media example is a16z's founder writing a book "The Hard Thing About Hard Things"

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Aug 11, 2019