US/UK/Europe opportunities in IB for an international student

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Hello Fellow Monkeys,

as I am finishing up freshman year of college, I am contemplating how I should proceed from here. I am an international student from Germany at a US west coast target school. Although I really like it here, I am unsure whether staying here is my best option for the future. Basically, I have two options:

1. Finish my B.A. in the US, try to get a job in IB in the US/UK/Germany. At the moment, I am paying high tuition fees and I am worried about the risk of not getting a job in the US due to being an international.

2. Transfer to a (less prestigious) University in Germany, do my B.A. and maybe MBA there, apply to jobs in Europe. This would be low-cost compared to the first option, but I would have to stay in school longer, my degree would be from a less prestigious University, and applying to jobs in the US would be exponentially harder.

I am really torn between these two. If anyone here has any experience with opportunities for international students in either of these categories, I would be really grateful for any advice.

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May 23, 2014

How much are the tuition fee affecting you? You have access to three markets with good IBD scene. Whilst you wont make as well as US post taxes in UK/Germany, it should still be well enough to pay off your education.

May 23, 2014

Hi fours,

the tuition fees' effect is large enough for me to consider option 2. Are you saying that I have access to three markets with good IBD scene if I stay in the US? I though for UK/Germany you need to have an MBA to have a realistic chance.

May 23, 2014