UT Austin Economics Major With Finance Minor vs. USC Marshall Finance Major

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Hello, I am trying to decide between transferring to UT Austin with a major in economics and a finance minor (by using the BEOP program) or going to USC Marshall to major in business administration and have a finance emphasis (which is the same as a finance major). Also by the way this is for undergraduate.

Finance is my true passion and it is what I want to have a career in. At UT I would be taking 4 finance classes in McCombs or I would take 8 finance classes at Marshall.

USC offered me about half tuition (so about 30k for everything) and UT Austin will be 30k for the first year and I should be able to be have in state tuition after my first two semesters.

It would take me 2.5 years at USC to graduate and 3 years at UT to graduate.

I would attempt to transfer into McCombs after my first year but I do not want to put that option in my decision making process because it is very competitive to internally transfer. I am also scared I would be completely overshadowed by the finance majors at McCombs and it would be almost impossible to get a job in finance when I am competing against them.

I also hope to work on Wall Street one day. I have only taken one finance class so I do not know exactly what area of finance I want to go into.

Any help or advice would be appreciated


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Aug 10, 2015

similar enough school tiers. USC and UT will both give you a good path.

Aug 10, 2015

Doing UT would allow you to apply to the the Econ to MSF program. You can look up the details but it allows you to recruit with the McCombs name and get a Masters after graduating Econ.

Aug 11, 2015