UT McCombs (no-BHP) vs UMICH Ross vs WashU Olin

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Hello! I am currently faced with a tough, yet amazing decision. I was accepted into Ross at Michigan, McCombs at UT Austin (I was rejected from BHP at UT), and WashU Olin. I am familiar with the schools as my sister graduated from Michigan and UT is my state school. The main factors I am considering:-1. Quality of education (business and fields outside of business)-2. Tuition -3. Overall vibe

I am very much aware that all institutions are very well established will provide me with a great education. Getting accepted into these schools is a dream come true for me. How much better is a Michigan/WashU education vs UT? UT has more "prestige" where I live (Texas) however how does it compare to Michigan/WashU on a national level. I do not plan on staying in Texas. Also, how big of a difference does a class size of 160 ( in Olin) make vs the 1200 ( at McCombs) and 500 (at Ross)? Is it a factor worth considering?

I am beyond blessed that tuition is not a major factor. My mom has made it clear that my education will be a priority no matter the costs. That said, the difference in tuition is definitely noteworthy. Is it justifiable to spend almost 3x as much for a degree from Ross and Olin rather than McCombs when looking at it from a strictly educational/job prospect perspective? Will a degree from Ross or Olin open enough opportunities to where the difference in tuition is made up for?

Finally, I love the vibe of Michigan, UT, and WashU. I am concerned about the cold, though. Is the cold weather a factor to consider? Also, I want to be surrounded by a diverse group of students for my four years. Michigan is about 50/50 in-state vs out of state while UT is 90/10. WashU, on the other hand, has students from all over the country. How important has the diversity been in your education at Michigan, WashU or UT? Also, are there any significant unique aspects to the atmospheres that I should take into consideration? Thank you so much!

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Mar 13, 2020

I am at Ross and you can PM with any questions. Our student body is split OOS and in state like you said leading to a large diversity of students. Prep school kids from NYC sit along side small town boys from rural Michigan and we all get along great. Ross places better to cities like NYC, Chicago and SF compared to UT and so where you want to want to end up after graduation matters a lot. I will say that I'd probably choose UT because even if your mom doesn't mind paying more you should make the financially wise decision (we are business people after all). Think of how 100k could be invested in your 20s and grow.

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