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Hello All,

I was wondering what you guys thought about the new UVA MS in Global Commerce program?

The basic premise of the program is it is a year long and you spend 15 weeks on UVA's main campus, 9 weeks in Lingnan University in China, and 15 weeks at ESADE in Spain. (I know that is only 39 weeks and I said a year-- there are some breaks in between)

The program is for Business undergrads only.

UVA's coursework will focus on "Global Strategic Management".
Lingnan's coursework will focus on "Global Financing & Operations"
ESADE's coursework will focus on "Global Innovations & Alliances"

The class starting in Fall 2016 will be the inaugural class.

I am a Finance undergrad major from a non-target school. I have two corporate finance internships, one at a small firm and another at a top 10 fortune 500 company. I am looking to break into consulting and would like to target Deloitte Strategy & Operations level work. Do you guys think this program could help lead to that type of job placement?

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Jan 24, 2016

I would be wary going into a brand new program, even with the UVA brand. If you want S&O, look into an MPH (now) or an MBA (down the road).

Jan 25, 2016

Nobody from MS Comm last year got a job with Deloitte S&O. There are a bunch that work for Deloitte AERS Advisory now but no S&O. I'd imagine career opportunities for the new Global MS will be similar.

Jan 25, 2016

It's new. It's targeted to internationals. You study in VA, China and Spain I believe. I think it's a good program for Chinese students who are ok with working in China. The issue is a lot of these programs limit internationals because it's harder for them to get jobs. But it's a lot of good students to turn away. Hence the creation of these programs.

Jan 25, 2016