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Jul 9, 2015

One that I think of is what was Peter Cundill's shop, which is now called Mackenzie Investments. "There's always something to do" is a great book - look it up.

No idea about recruitment though.

Jul 9, 2015

A few value orientated shops include: Sionna Investment Managers (Canadian universe only), Longview Asset Management, and Black Creek Investment Management.

These are off the top of my head, I can list more once if you want.

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Jul 9, 2015

thank you so much @alman and @yig , you guys are awesome!

Jul 11, 2015

fairfax duh

Jul 16, 2015

Francis Chou - I heard he is hiring. (I am not being serious)

My posts will be fraught with grammatical errors since I post from my phone. I will try my best not to post an incoherent babble.

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Jul 17, 2015

Definitely agree with Fairfax. Watsa is a great investor.

Jul 22, 2015