Value of a startup VC internship pre-MBA

Hey everyone!

I've got a potentially interesting offer pre-MBA. I was recently contacted by an acquaintance I have who runs a startup VC firm headquartered in Boston, and he let me know that his firm will be bringing in undergrad interns for the first time in several years. He's interested in having me come in before I start the program.

In this role my main responsibility would be managing the undergrad interns and their role on the team, as well as providing support for some specific up and coming IPO's for his clients(one of which is with a company that has the potential to completely re-shape the waste disposal industry).

My main question is does anyone think that this will have benefits for IB recruiting and opportunities during my MBA program, or would I be better served by completing my certifications during the summer?

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Apr 30,2015

could you PM me the name of the VC firm? student in the boston area here.

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Apr 30,2015

Yes, you are managing people and working in a institutional finance role. Worst case, you will have some good stories to tell. Best case, you help do real work on an IPO.

Dec 31,2015