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Hello everyone. I am a recent 24 year old graduate from Middle Tennessee State University with a liberal studies degree. I have a 3.2 GPA and a GMAT score of 760. My gpa is due to me working full-time during school. I spent 5 years with Dollar General, 4 of which in management. I also spent 4 months with Geico at their regional office in Macon, GA (I briefly moved down there to take care of my ill grandmother.) and 4 months as a relationship representative at a large credit union in the Mid-State area. I'm in the process of getting a job in operations with AllianceBernstein here at their new HQ in Nashville. I plan on working there for a year or 2, then applying for the MSF program at Vanderbilt. I have taken up to Calc 1 and several stats courses (always a B or better), but I have no accounting or finance courses under my belt. What do you think of my chances for admission to the program?

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Aug 26, 2018

I'd give you good odds. Although it seems like you have a lot of experience which might give career services a pause on why you'd do a MSF. I'd try and talk with the school before applying to gauge their interest.

GPA is a little lower but not horrible. The GMAT stands out.

Aug 26, 2018

I appreciate your response and analysis of my profile, furthermore that is a worthwhile suggestion to speak with the school, I will certainly do that.

I agree that I do have an abnormal amount of work experience for a 24 year old, but I've basically funded all of my living costs during these past 6 years and have never been content with staying at a position without the prospectus of moving up, no matter the industry. I am consistently driven to better myself personally and professionally, irrespective of cost. It has taken me a couple of years to discover my true passions, but after completing a economics minor, developing a genuine interest in financial markets, and becoming very proficient with Excel, I have discovered that analytical work is my true calling and that finance is a great avenue to accentuate this.

Aug 26, 2018

I'd probably leave the dollar general experience off your resume, include the internships and post bach experience and simply talk about the pre graduation experience in your essays.

Aug 26, 2018