Vandy MSF Campus Visit 2019 & Profile Evaluation

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Hey everyone,

Just visited Vanderbilt last week and the experience was amazing. I am really impressed with their faculty and career service, so that offset the downside of location. I think I did fine during interview and during the time there I tried my best to get to know everyone else. I wouldnt say I am articulate compare to native speakers, but I talked smoothly and engaged in a few meaningful conversations with currents students and adm officers. I think they liked me but who knows. Now here is the question, I really want to know my chance of getting into Vanderbilt because I am an international kid and Vandy is known for having low rate of international students so I am worried.

My stats:

GRE: 161 Verbal . 164 Quant

UG: top 30 east coast and went to high school in US

Toefl: 116

GPA: 3.495 with major in Economics and minor in business

Letter: should be strong since i did well in the class of one recommender and he is a screen writer besides econ prof. Another recommender was accounting prof from our business school

EC: One real estate internship and one financial analyst internship at a no-name valuation advisory firm

Please any opinion will be greatly appreciated!

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Feb 6, 2019