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Hi All,

Recently received a very good offer from a $600M+ AUM VC / Growth Equity Firm for a Sr. Associate role ($160k+ base, 20% bonus, no carry). I feel like it would be dumb not to negotiate but the headhunter told me I was already toward the top of the range for what they were looking to extend. I don't necessarily need more base but wanted to know if I should look for a bigger bonus band or maybe some carry... maybe even a signing bonus.

1) Is this a good offer?
2) What would you guys do?

Background, 5 years VC / PE experience (straight out of UG).

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Mar 4, 2019

At a similar size / style shop and that is roughly in line, with bonus more discretionary (25% typical but theoretically uncapped). Shop is niche focused in a tier 2 city. That level here can also get carry (and corresponding GP commit) in new funds.

I think I would ask what the policy on carry is to know if it's near term or hoarded by a few partners.

Then it comes down to your alternatives, how has the market been for you? Will you get case manager / board roles there?

Mar 4, 2019

Yea. Board observer roles on 1/3 of their 30ish company portfolio. More traction in market recently. was originally targeting traditional LBO shops (currently in the buyout arm of a top 5 growth fund) but landed this one after broadening the aperture. So, not exactly what I expected but excited to have it and one in the hand is worth not spending the next 6 months trying to land something. That said, I've one been at this role for a year (mostly sourcing, hated it) and this new company, along with most other opps at this time, is guiding toward a summer start - I have time to look.

Mar 4, 2019


Mar 4, 2019

bump 2?

Mar 5, 2019

It seems pretty standard to me. First year analyst in a PE/VC shop here and that's what has been indicated as compensation 4-5 years in the future (~$200k all-in). May not be as much as you'd make in a large PE fund but the work is probably more interesting.

Any indication on work/life balance?

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Mar 4, 2019

Thanks. Pretty solid. Leave at 5 or 7. A lot better than leaving at 9-10 where I'm at.

Mar 5, 2019

That seems to make sense, where i'm at now I leave at 7-8 M-Th, and at 5ish on Fridays. Works perfectly for me.

Mar 5, 2019

Just curious - are VC and growth equity salaries considerably lower than PE? I just ask because these numbers seem comparably low to many of the post MBA senior associate salaries I've seen posted on here before.

Mar 5, 2019