VC or Asset Management coming out of Uni?

Currently finishing up my master's study in Europe and have two offers on the table after I graduate. I'm not sure which one I should take, especially since both seem very interesting but are in very different areas.

Corporate VC:
- Around 200M AUM with their new fund starting around the time I would be joining
- Fintech, Medtech focus
VC arm of a financial company
- Shitty salary, 35k Euros gross

Asset manager:
- 100B+ AUM in total but the team I would be joining has 3.5B AUM
- ESG/Fundamental strategy
- Not sure about the salary but I would guess around 60-80k

Which option would you choose with a long-term view, out of uni?

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Jun 12, 2021 - 7:33am

I'd personally go with corporate VC. Besides base any bonus incentives like performance and getting a slice of the fund performance? Use the other offer to negotiate for a high base even like $55k and combine that with potential bonus and you could be pulling in the same at the AM. If they're really low balling you fuck that. Both are decent choices just don't get fucked pay wise for a dream.

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