VC vs Oil & Gas Internship??

I am currently spending my summer in Asia and have two internship offers. The first from the biggest VC fund in Malaysia and second from Petronas Lubricants International (in businesses development or strategic planning).

I already have an internship with Petronas BD (despite being BD got to do DCF valuations) under my belt from last summer but I also think Petronas is a better company (fortunes top 150).

I am wondering which would be better for someone looking to go into ib after graduating? I also plan on doing a masters in finance or financial engineering after i garduatde.

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Jul 31,2017

You might be doing internal M&A work in the Oil and Gas internship.

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Jul 31,2017

Hi, I think O&G is really a specific industry and if you aren't interested in doing o&g coverage, having already done an experience in the same company, I'd go for VC. Just try to understand the size of the deals and in which stage they use to invest (I would avoid angels for example)

Jul 31,2017