Very confused on what to do for transferring schools?

Hello Everyone!
While my career plans are not perfectly set out yet. I am definitely planning to try my best to enter the financial services industry.
However, I recently ran into a dilemma that I didn't know I will ever be in.
I am currently a California Community College student and by some stroke of black magic, I got accepted into UMich LSA(not ross) as a sophomore transfer.
But, since its oos I am probably guessing that the financial aid will be abysmal. ( I should have applied to more schools, but I just jokingly sent an application thinking I will get rejected).
Should I wait a year to apply to UCLA( high chance( above 50 percent) of getting accepted for my major) or UC Berkeley( pretty low chance(around 30 percent)) or go to UMICH now. How much does having an extra year help in the recruiting process?
Thank you for reading and please stay safe during this pandemic.
Best Regards,

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