Wall Street Mentors is Expanding

I have been working on expanding the Wall Street Mentors network, and we'll be adding even more to the network in September. In the meantime, please feel free to email me directly at justin2@wallstreetoasis.com, and I can provide you with recommendations based off our talented network of mentors.

Our featured new mentor this week is Tom Lovell.

In his 35-year career on Wall Street, Mr. Lovell has served as the Chairman and CEO of Drexel Burnham Europe, as well as an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs. As a strategic advisor to the Chairman of Goldman Sachs, he co-founded its fixed income middle market business which was subsequently expanded to include equities and investment banking. This middle market group contributed an incremental $2-3 billion in market value to Goldman Sachs' IPO in 1998 after only 3 years in existence.

Wall Street Mentors is a great resource to get ready for recruiting season, as we will pair you with Wall Street executives that have been actively involved in the hiring process at leading banks, hedge funds, big 3 consulting firms, and private equity shops. They can give you the inside scoop on what to expect, how to prepare for recruiting, and we also offer mock interviews for simulated, intense interview prep.


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Bookmarked this page, WOW, this is very impressive

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This is amazing, great opportunities there. I am wondering if you have anu mentors in Canada?


Great thing you guys have going

"Ambition and education is first and talent is second"- T.I.


Holy crap that's a big shot. Well done WSO!


dam, not bad. I thought you already had a pretty solid list here.


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