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So not too long ago I purchased the WSP Premium Self Study package, and while the content has been helpful, there seems to be some missing materials unless I'm missing something. Often in the online videos that accompany the slides, the instructor refers to numerous excel files that are not included on the disc. For example, for the M&A Modelling Module, the instructor in the video works through an example on an excel file that "we should all have", but it's no where to be found on the disc.

Also, I thought there would be videos to accompany all of the modules in the course, but that doesn't seem to be the case. For Module 2, Advanced Accounting Topics, there are no videos, which is fine I suppose because it isn't a particularly large module. However, The Trading & Transaction Comps Modelling is a fairly hefty module with absolutely no video coverage, and the slides are not particularly clear on their own. The videos make absolutely no mention of these modules, which makes me wonder if I'm missing something here.

Am I the only one who has noticed these shortcomings while working through the course?

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Mar 28, 2014

Dear Brian,

We've e-mailed you all of the self-study program files to make sure that you have all the files that our instructor is referring to throughout the video lectures.

We're working to make the video lectures for the trading and transaction comps and advanced accounting topics topics available soon, and in the meantime, our Support Team would be happy to hear from you and answer any questions as you go through the course.

Please note that we recently unveiled a video-based Excel 2010 2013 course, and we've uploaded a complimentary copy to your account.


Wall Street Prep Support Team

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Apr 1, 2014

Looks like WSP customer service is killin' it. Good work

Apr 27, 2014