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I bought two licenses of Wall Street Prep courses and their videos do not work outside of US. Inspite of having logged in from multiple computers, opening all the ports, switching off firewalls etc, the steams keep buffering (download speed in my location is 1 MBp/S).

The course is really great but what a shame, that the videos wont work. Customer Support is not that great and keeps telling you to fix ports even if you tell them the ports are open.

Update - Issue Resolved **********

Wallstreet Support team worked very closely to identify the issue and assisted me with resolving the issue. It seems that the problem was at our end with Dubai ISP which has blocked RTMP Port 1935. Wallstreet Support team went out of the way to help get access to the course and also threw in some freebies, although they were not the root cause of the problem. Extremely satisfied with the team.

As an update, I researched 3-4 other programs w.r.t Wallstreet and agree that this is one of the very best at a competitive price. I have actually recommended the course to some of my colleagues as well and went ahead and purchased some more modules from them.

It would be great if Wall Street Content Team develops a course on Equity Research.

Once again million recommendations for the course content. It is one of the very best.