Want to Create a Report, Don't Know Where To Start

Hi all,

I'm in kind of a unique situation compared to most users here. I'm currently working in public accounting and am hoping to get into FP&A/Financial Decision Making groups down the road (as opposed to PE/HFs like many on here). Since there does appear to be a stigma against accountants, I want to make use of some of my downtime and write some sort of report that's good enough to prove to interviewers down the road that I can do more than reconcile line items on a balance sheet and actually write intelligently about big picture issues surrounding companies.

The problem is that I don't really know where to start. I've tried to get a jump on these projects before, but my mind goes all over the place and I can never get organized enough to get started. Does anyone have any advice on this and how I can get started? I'm particularly looking to discuss something within the energy or tech sector, as these are the two industries I'd potentially like to work in-house in some day. I understand how DCF/Comparables valuation works from a nuts and bolts perspective, but I don't have access to data or some deep industry knowledge from years of experience that I can use to create projections that are anything more than pulling numbers out of my rear.

As such my questions boil down to the following:

1. I'm also wondering if there are other things I could try to write about, beyond valuation reports, that can still demonstrate the knowledge I'm trying to convey.

2. If valuation reports are in fact the best way to do this, how can I get started because I can't even decide whether I need to start from the industry level or company level at this point.


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Mar 31,2015

The following Wiley Finance book should be helpful to you:


Alternatively, you could google PDF sell-side reports that are outdated, preferably an initiation report. Initial report really gives you a sense of what aspects of the business sell-side researchers are trying to understand.

Mar 31,2015


I definitely commend your effort and learning now is a great idea. That being said, not sure that creating a valuation report really gets you in the door. It's not bad practice, but not sure how much it helps you GET the job.

What level are you at? There are different expectations and responsibilities at different levels. Also, the transition/job availability will change based on the level you're looking for.

My path is pretty winding, but pretty similar to what you're looking to do. Feel free to PM me.

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Mar 31,2015

twitter: @CorpFin_Guy