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  • Aspiring_Consultant
  •  Oct 26, 2007

If your firm is Bain, then maybe... otherwise, I'd go w/ the BB.

Oct 26, 2007

Are you considering other industry groups in BB IB or leveraged finance only?

  • movetofinance
  •  Oct 26, 2007

only IB lev fin...
didn't realize i wanted to do IB for PE till late (basically till I came to these boards) and only did a few places...

  • movetofinance
  •  Oct 28, 2007

i understand you worked at bain before your pe gig. i am looking at one of mck/bain for full-time and thinking about gs for lev fin. as you've heard, it isn't the strongest group and is apparently the bitch of the industry groups. i didn't get offers from the industry groups...

you think 2 years in mbb is better for pe vs. lev fin at gs? or am i thinking about this the wrong way. i mean, anything can happen in 2 years. pe might not even be so hot.

Oct 26, 2007

do it. Met some ppl from Blackstone PE who came out of the from Mckinsey BA program. Bain is pretty nice too.

lev fin good but not so strong now... won't be seeing that many deals over the next 2 yrs, but Mickinsey or bain is prob better for pe.

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Oct 29, 2007

Both place quite well in PE, although one advantage of coming from levfin is that you have a larger number of total PE opportunities available.

While opportunities at the very top are similar for both jobs, many of the mid-size to larger MM funds will be looking more for those with a levfin (or other general BB IB) background as opposed to an MBB background.

  • movetofinance
  •  Nov 1, 2007

so you recommend levfin eh? a good idea with all the market turmoil and cloudy outlook for the next few months? tough to turn down mbb, but i am considering it. my lifestyle was awesome and the perks were kickass.

also, does the "brandname matter" -- that is levfin at goldman or MS or Lehman is somewhat comparable to levfin at deutsche for exit opps due to prestige difference even though deutsche is the leader in the field?

  • movetofinance
  •  Nov 7, 2007