Want to understand the algorithm so you can SKYROCKET your growth?

As reported in an article by Hootsuite, titled "The 2021 Instagram Algorithm Breakdown: How to Get Your Content Seen", it was revealed that the way Instagram determines whether a piece of content is worthy of being show to a particular user at any given time is judged by considering a number of different ranking signals.

These signals are:

👉🏼Relationship: What is your relationship with the user? Instagram will show your content to people who have interacted with your posts. That means people who are commenting, liking, sharing and saving your content.

👉🏼Interest: Judged by your past behaviour on similar content, Instagram determines how much you'll actually care about a post.

👉🏼Frequency: This is dependent on how often you open the app. Instagram will aim to show you the best content since you were last active on the app.

👉🏼Recency: When was the content shared. Instagram favors timely posts over week-old content.

👉🏼Following: How many accounts do you follow? The more accounts you follow, the less content you'll see of any specific person.

👉🏼Usage: Time spent on the platform dictates the content you see. The longer you spend on Instagram the more it will dig deeper into its bank of content.

So what's the key takeaway here? You need to focus on creating relationship building content and sharing this content CONSITENTLY.

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