Waste My Time

Hey WSO,

I need some help: the market's quieter than I care to admit and I'm finding I need to fill more and more of each day with distractions.

My current boredom-busters are as follows:
- Reading the news (BBC, FT, Bloomberg, Reuters)
- Industry gossip (eFinancial Careers, Business Insider)
- WSO frivolity
- Fantasy Premier League
- FPL-related sites
- Fashion / lifestyle (Esquire)

Would appreciate any suggestions to help stave off early-onset dementia.
A few restrictions:
- No porn (for obvious workplace reasons)
- I can't wear earbuds / a headset
- Anything finance related (in the theme of BB's Matt Levine) wins bonus points

Thanks in advance!

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Mar 25, 2019

Try reading Vice or Nat. Geo, open you up to what's going on in the fringes of society

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Mar 25, 2019

learn something new

khan academy

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Mar 25, 2019

Agreed, do duolingo and pick up a bit of language. It's actually really good in getting you conversational relatively quickly and kind of addicting once you start getting into it

"If you ain't first, you're last!" - GOAT

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Mar 27, 2019

Wow I had no idea about duolingo, this is legit!

Thanks amigo

Mar 27, 2019

love duolingo. obviously not as comprehensive as immersion, studying it academically, or rosetta stone, but if you just want to do some vocabulary on the train, on the shitter, etc., it's great. makes learning/brushing up a breeze.

Mar 25, 2019

I like the website, Bogleheads.org. It is basically an investing forum inspired by the late John Bogle, the former CEO of Vanguard. Topics include but are not limited to investment theory, personal finance and consumer issues. These days, I participate mostly in the consumer issues sub forum, where I can learn how to fix lots of things.

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Mar 25, 2019

I hope this is a joke because bogleheads.org is full of pussies, no offense to you though

thots and prayers

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Mar 26, 2019

100%. It's great if you want to earn return of 2%.

Mar 27, 2019

I'd say that's true. The only thing I've found on it to be useful is for a few very specific tax related questions, it seems like there's a couple CPAs on the site so there's good insight on super specific accounting-related minutiae

Mar 26, 2019

delete this filth

Absolute truths don't exist... celebrated opinions do.

Mar 26, 2019

Just try to do what you like, or try to learn more about your sphere

Mar 26, 2019

Read! Or listen to podcasts, the best way to upskill rapidly. Learning does not stop after school

Mar 26, 2019

do you have a dual phone headset/computer speaker like I do? If so, then podcasts are great. Otherwise, consider self-improvement, as others have said. I've got time, given that my company is going through an 'interesting' patch right now, and am spending a lot of time on datacamp. Once you know all the finance stuff, programming is the next step. I feel this is more useful than the FRM that I almost signed up for. (already a charterholder)

Mar 27, 2019

You can read eBooks with the kindle cloud reader. I just checked, no download needed.

Mar 29, 2019