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Any monkeys downtown commuters who walk/ride bikes to work that have good waterproof gear? Looking for first-hand experience with breathable waterproof pants, shoes/boots and jacket, and maybe most importantly a backpack to keep the laptop dry. Consider this commute in a hot and humid environment that downpours a ton at once.

I currently have a HH waterproof jacket that's pretty good, but walking half mile in a downpour doesn't bode well for keeping everything else dry.

I guess if I had the opportunity to shower at work that might make things a bit more flexible, but I still wouldn't want to have soaked shoes/pants all day drying out at my desk (in a post-COVID world).

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  • Summer Associate in IB - Gen
Jan 26, 2021 - 3:46pm

Anything made by Arc'teryx is pretty durable and good looking. Just look for any of their LT SL FL shells that should keep you dry and comfortable in the rain. As for a backpack in heavy downpour, from my experience everything gets soaked in a heavy downpour. Your best bet is to find a waterproof case or cover for your laptop and some waterproof sacks for anything else you want to carry. 

Really if you need to wear a suit and you need to commute during the rain, get an Uber or Lyft. Way less of an hassle.

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