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Would like to get your thoughts on being a research analyst for a wealth manager. The position would entail doing third party manager research and due diligence.

  • How are wealth management research analysts viewed, given financial advisers are at the front of the business?
  • Are the skills learned in this function transferable to asset management?
  • As a manager research analyst progresses, what are the positions as they move up? (eg fixed income trader could lead to PM; equity analyst leads to sector head, etc)
  • Would this position pigeon hole the analyst in manager research or could it lead to portfolio management or traditional fundamental research?
  • What are traditional exit opportunities? I would assume fund of funds or other manager research opportunities, but are there others?

Thanks in advance

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Apr 28, 2018

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May 3, 2018

This title can vary a lot in duties by firm and in some cases by advisor.

Traditionally, there are three to four roles in wealth management, depending on the firm. Role 1 signs up new clients (sales). Role 2 manages the relationship (RM). Role 3 manages planning/portfolio allocation. Role 4 is the investment research role.

Who does these roles differs widely by firm. Sometimes the RM is the sales guy, sometimes it's the planner, sometimes all three are the same person. Sometimes role 4 is part of the front office and is combined with the PM or RM role, sometimes it is handled away from the client. You need to understand which function you're supporting to help answer your question.

The short answer is, it is definitely a role that can lead to asset management in any case, especially if you're 2-3 years out of UG. The normal path is to start your CFA in year 1-2 and then apply for AM roles after level 1 or ideally after level 2.

If your role is true hard research, you're already in asset management, and can transition later down the line. If the research analyst role is really more on the relationship management side, it gets much harder to transition out later down the line.

If you provide more details on the job description, we might be able to provide better direction.

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May 4, 2018