Weekend Wars: Facebook vs. Groupon

With all of the hubbub about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg these days, I want to remind you guys that they are not the only game in town.

In fact, there's another hottie at the dance who may not win homecoming queen, but could turn out to be better marriage material down the road.

Now that I have the attention of the feminazis and Facebook groupies, I crack open my umbrella and await the rainfall of hate and ridicule.

Groupon > Facebook...by a Country (wide) Mile

As most of you guys guffaw over Goldman's bucket shop production with Facebook as the lead, I am not impressed.

As Goldman does battle with Stanley over the coveted Groupon IPO,however, I am all eyes and ears.

This is the hot ticket in town, kids.

It's no secret that I am not a Facebook fan, not only due to the fact that I feel it is creating an even more socially retarded generation than the currently vegetative one. I am highly skeptical of Facebook's ability to monetize on all those hundreds of millions of users to the extent that the great hype machine would have us believe.

Groupon, on the other hand is a real deal old time, brick and mortar business. A cash cow, with a focused yet expansive niche.

Where Facebook is the silicone enhanced, makeup laden 10 with a fetish for cocaine, cowboys and the liquid diet.

Groupon's the solid 8 with great genetics, an angel's attitude, cooks, cleans, raises the kids, makes her own cash and has her head on straight.

Yeah...I just went there.

Groupon's recent rebuff of Google's $6 billion dollar takeover offer have sent (reasonable) IPO spec figures into the $15 billion range.

Though that is far beneath the (unreasonable) $50 billion Facebook valuation of a few weeks back, Groupon can actually back its valuation with a sea of revenue streams and (most importantly) a specific proven scalable business model.

I am going on the record. I like Groupon better than Facebook, as an investment vehicle.

In fact, I don't think Facebook is even in Groupon's league from the individual investor's perspective as far as returns go.

Of all the IPOs in recent memory, I think Groupon has the potential to be the greatest value play.

Facebook's not even in its league.

Let the hate...I mean debate begin!

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