Wells Fargo IB SA Placement - New York vs Charlotte

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So I know there is a "sell day" in January where you fly out to Charlotte to meet all the groups from different locations, and then you are placed based on mutual preferences. If I would prefer to be in NY, is it likely that I will get NY? I know there are more interns in Charlotte, so I'm wondering if it's difficult to get NY. Also, if I do the internship in Charlotte and then decide I'd rather be in NY full-time, is it easy to move?

Also, what are some of the stronger groups in NY? One thing I'm interested in is TMT so wondering how they are in NY.

Lastly, if I do wind up in Charlotte full-time, how tough would it be to recruit for PE in NY?

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Dec 9, 2016

@jetsmetsnets, unfortunately, I cannot help, but keep an open mind to Charlotte. It's no NY, but it's a great city that you might end up enjoying. Good luck.

Dec 9, 2016

Same boat as you. From what I've heard the only thing that's almost exclusively in NYC is ECM. Some M&A and TMT as well but Charlotte is still the Hub for interns. (And corp fin is basically all in Charlotte from what the recruiter told me)
I've heard lateral movement is pretty easy if you do well throughout the summer.
Had some friends who worked in Charlotte last summer and actually really enjoyed it so it won't be the end of the world.
Congrats on the offer and hell might even run into you on sell day.

Dec 9, 2016