Wells Fargo - Info you can share?

Hey folks, I'm going to have some informational interviews with the guys at Wells in a week. Do you guys know any resources on the net that I can look up everything about Wells? My school has a dozen of Bloomberg machines (and I'm a noob). Do you think I can grab some info there? What else do you think I need to know besides what Wells have done recently? Thank you

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  • eyelikecheese
  •  Nov 3, 2010

Check out their 3Q earnings report. Also, Yahoo! finance search for WFC and look at the news that comes up at the bottom of the summary. Depends on what position will dictate what you should know

Nov 3, 2010

Ask them about the >$1Trillion off B/S of second-lien/CDOs/other that they have...

Nov 3, 2010