Wells Fargo Securities Equities S&T NYC

Searched far and wide, there are a few older threads out there about WFS, but mostly on the IBD side. I found one thread asking about whether their S&T was growing which offered this:

"WF has two S&T floors:
- fixed income is in Charlotte, lots of legacy Wachovia and old BAML.
- equities is in NYC. Nearly all of the people in this office come from the original baml -- that is, they were the S&T division at BAML before BAML bought ML, kicked out all of their people (who ended up at WF), and replaced them with ML people."

Does anybody else have insight about their NYC office specifically? From what I gather it is almost exclusively equities, but does anybody know about particular strengths/weaknesses? How about management / office culture? Advancement opportunities? Expansion beyond equities?


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Mar 31,2014
Jan 31,2014

sending you a PM. From what I gathered from an analyst there, it's a depressing office at least when compared to Wells Fargo Charlotte office.

Mar 31,2014