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Does anybody know the best opportunities at Wells Fargo Securities (also now wachovia) for the New York offices? Its hard to judge because I'm not sure whether I should look at Wachovia's older reputation since it was acquired.

...I have a phone interview where they will decide whether I will continue on interviewing with IB or S&T/Capital Markets. (Anybody been through the phone interview?) They say that you eventually get hired into a specific group? Has anyone gone through this process???

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Oct 16, 2009

I do know that WF acquired a small boutique (Barrington Associates) based in LA previous to the Wachovia acquisition that was basically the only coverage WF had in the space. I had a phone interview with them last fall, didn't go well, but doesn't matter because they don't exist anymore. Anyway since then what's left has been fully integrated into WF Securities/Wachovia so this year the first year I believe they've recruited so your the harbinger. But I've been told all the leftover Wachovia IBD people will run the show in terms of recruiting & follow the WF structure. So make sure not to smile :)

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Oct 16, 2009

What do you mean by be sure not to smile? I have a second round interview with Wells Fargo for Investment Banking Capital Markets and am not sure what to expect. Any help would be appreciated!

Oct 16, 2009