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I'm currently pursuing my MBA at a top tier university. Although I'm from the east coast originally, I have strong ties to the west coast as well (mainly the LA area). In addition, from a lifestyle perspective, I feel i'd really like to work on the west coast full time.

I'm targeting consulting as my top career choice, and feel the best fit at BCG. Just wondering if anyone here has any insight as to how BCG compares to Bain and McKinsey in their LA offices.

I would also consider SF, but I've heard BCG has a much smaller office than Bain/McKinsey there. Whether that means it's not as strong, I'm not sure.

Any insight?

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Aug 31,2011

I hear Bain's LA office is pretty hard to get into. BCG, Bain, and Mck SF are all pretty large (150+) I think Bain is largest

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Aug 31,2011