West Coast Life Science Boutiques

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I'm looking to make a transition into healthcare/life science consulting. I would greatly appreciate it if someone can list some boutiques that have management consulting practices in healthcare/life science in the west coast (CA, WA, and OR)?

Thank you!

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Jun 30,2012

During summer recruiting I was told that Deloitte's S&O healthcare practice in SF was looking to hire more staff. (Analysts, Consultants and Sr. Consultants)

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Jun 30,2012
Jun 30,2012

Leerink doesn't have a WC "feet on the ground" presence (though they do/used to do work with WC biopharma).

Boutique firms that come to mind include:
- Pricespective
- Campbell Alliance
- C1 Consulting
- Simon Kucher

I'm sure there are others...

Jun 30,2012
Jun 30,2012