Incoming Wharton Dual Degree Program Student @ Penn

Recently committed early decision to the Huntsman program at Penn, which is a dual degree program that allows students to earn one degree from Wharton and one degree in international studies from the College of Arts and Sciences. Wanted to throw out a few questions about this program since I haven't seen too much about it on WSO

-Have any experience interacting with Huntsman or Penn dual degree students? How do they compared to/different from the rest of Wharton?
-Is having that target language valuable when trying to land a job in finance? Mandarin, German, Spanish etc.
-I know about Wharton's grading on a curve, but how does that balance with studying/taking classes towards the international studies degree? Easier/harder to maintain GPA?
-What type of role does having the international studies degree play during recruiting?
-How's the alumni network of the Huntsman program? Any different when compared to rest of Penn/Wharton?
-How do the Wharton clubs perceive dual degree students?

My bad if I sound a bit neurotic--trying to make the best out of this six-figure investment! Going to take it easy for the rest of senior year

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Jan 8, 2022 - 8:17pm

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