Wharton sophomore, level of acheivement for IB SA recruting?

I want something incredible: GS/MS/JPM, but at this rate, and with these credentials, does anyone have any advice as to what I can do to actually acheive this?

My current resume reads roughly like this:

Wharton, finance and management concentrations, 3.99 GPA with tons of hard finance/econ/math classes
TA for Wharton's MGMT100

Freshman summer: worked at tech firm
Sophomore fall semester internship at no-name PWM
Soph summer: likely will work at no name PE shop in NYC.

Mediocre ECs, one leadership position. Might be 2 come SA recruiting.

That's pretty much it. That's my resume. Cookie cutter Wharton kid with substandard numbers but a very strong GPA. I've gotten some shit for these credentials ("stop showing off"/"you're set and you know it stfu") but I'm genuinely very stressed about how mediocre my resume is after the top "Academic Background" bit. I tick all the boxes, but do very little else.

Could mere networking pull me up to top BB level? Or is there something else I'd be better off doing/fixing?

United States - Northeast

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Feb 22, 2017

Sounds pretty good to me.

You could add some voluntary work if you've done if not I would do something with it. It doesn't hurt and one more thing to talk about in ur interviews.

Feb 22, 2017



Feb 22, 2017

35 act

Feb 22, 2017