I am posting under a new name. Thanks for your help in the past year as many have given valuable suggestions.

I attend the college on full need based financial aid. I did not know anyone in financial industry until two years ago but have gained significant connections due to networking.

As a sophomore in 2008, I worked in the operational side of a very big hedge fund. However, in 2009 due to severe economic downturn as a junior, I was struggling to land a SA position.

Eventually due to kind encouragement of you people and by networking, I was fortunate enough to land in an equity side of a top private equity firm for 10-week SA position. At the end of the SA internship, the firm has extended at FT verbal return offer if I wish to work in the same group. I really loved the firm and I am thinking seriously to go back. However, I would like to increase, broaden my horizon and gain additional valuable experience as I see some holes in my limited knowledge. The private equity firm has told me that they will not mind me coming back after two-year work somewhere else too. I have told my supervisor that I need to gain more experience and he has been supportive of my frank assessment.

In addition, due to your help I was fortunate enough to land a few weeks internship in a very famous IBD firm and worked on pitching deals. The second firm also liked my work and offered me a verbal FT offer. Though the experience was extremely interesting, I still feel that I need to gain more experience in making modes and offering pitches. I am seriously considering working FT for this firm as I feel I can gain valuable experience there.

Meanwhile, through networking I met the top management in few very famous hedge funds. Both of the firms are 10 Billion plus company. Both firms have shown an interest in recurring me as I have met the top of the global portfolio head and global head of recruiting. They told me that there company like to hire people who are passionate about finance and hire people who has similar background and interests.

I have never ever worked in any bulge bracket. I am keeping my option open for BB. What additional step would you recommend for me to broaden my horizon, sharpen my skills at this point. I would like to join a company where I can learn more and it is very important to me. I would like to be more marketable candidate and learn more in the process.

Thanks for your positive feedback

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What are my chances in GS, as I have never interviewed them before?

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You have right to express opinion.

I am not looking any tips for BB. I am just wondering if GS is worth the pain to go through the recruitment process. I can forget it all and accept the offer at boutique firm.


I would like to see positive feedback rather than silly cooments. Please do not waste your valuable time and energy, as we gain nothing from wasteful comments. However, I would like your positive feedback. Thanks in advance.


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