What are exit ops for UBS Equity Research Associates?

I was wondering what the exit ops would be from UBS Equity Research group. From what I've seen, UBS ER (NYC) is ranked 4 in the US by Institutional Investor, and the bank's Equities (which is S&T and Research) division has a very strong reputation. They have a huge trading floor in Stamford, etc.

UBS Equity Research

UBS has one of the leading equity research groups in Europe. Less so in the united states but they still land somewhere near 5th or 6th.

The most common exit opportunities for equity research in general:

from certified user @numi"

Most of the time people leave research and go into asset management or hedge funds because that's more of a natural transition, but keep in mind that it's far from a given to get into a good hedge fund.

You still have to be competitive, and you really have to know your coverage space well and demonstrate that you know how to think like an investor.

Oh, and make sure your case is so bulletproof that they'd rather have you instead of an investment banker.

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Feb 19, 2010 - 2:37pm

What are your alternatives?

__________ Just my 2c.
Feb 19, 2010 - 3:22pm

People on these boards have strong opinions about UBS. The banking industry has changed dramatically over the past year and the landscape is still in flux. As you said in your post, last year Citi was about to die and so was Merrill, while UBS was considered to be in fine shape until around February of 2009. Things have really changed.

the UBS ER group is good, and has been climbing the ranks.

I doubt their bonuses will be good this year...which may prompt a mass departure. Who knows. I suppose if you are going to do a two-three year stint before even considering a move, things might change again and UBS might fight their way up the league tables.

I certainly don't think that UBS will be a black mark on your resume, that's for sure. But with regards to future bonus potential, that's a potentially different story.

Anyone know more than me about this?

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