What are my chances at securing an IB summer analyst position at BBs based on my stats and extracurriculars from my non-target?

Sloppy writing below just trying to get the important details across. My resume is nothing like this jumbled mess of text.

School: Babson College

School Year: Just Completed Sophomore Year after transferring from former university with a 3.7 GPA 

GPA: 4.0 (Expect it to drop to no lower than 3.85 for my remaining time at Babson)

"Work Experience" (More Entrepreneurial Experience Not Sure if it Helps Me At All for IB)

1) Co-founder of cross-platform desktop analytical software that deals with the financials, operations, and management of specific alternative assets and the company has seen over 6 figures in gross revenue due to having a couple thousand users on recurring subscriptions

2) Summer Market Research Analyst Internship at a successful private jet company where I led a small team of employees (idk why they did this especially since the full-time employees did not appreciate that but I am not complaining) eventually lowering customer acquisition costs by X amount and dealt directly with CEO and CPO

3) A User Interface Design Internship that is confidential in terms of disclosing what I am doing but took the offer since the CEO I am working in tandem with graduated as a top 5 student from NYU Stern MBA program about a decade ago so hopefully she can connect me with some beneficial networking opportunities

4) Founder of an online store where inventory captured profits through market arbitrage (the website sold a portion of the inventory and I sold remaining inventory through established resale channels). I secured the capital necessary to purchase certain inventory amounts of the asset by leading private investment rounds in order to use the raised capital (6 figure investment rounds) to secure the items and had a 70/30 split of the profits in my favor. 

School Activities 

1) Executive Board Member of "X" Industry in the Finance Association (Not sure how I beat out other applicants for that position)

2) Selected through a double-digit interview round process to be selected as apart of the Babson's top entrepreneurs who receive preferential treatment and a bunch of perks some being special housing, access to certain angel investors, excessive VC pitches, etc...

3) Community Service for 4 months where I had to evaluate, curate, and present a more compatible lesson plan teachers could usefor an entire academic calendar year  in the public school system

3) Completed a DCF Valuation/Analyst Report on a stock of my choice for 30% of my grade in my intro to finance class 

Again, I feel like this is a great resume just not for the IB internships I want at BBs. I have a sinking feeling I may have decided on a career in IB/Finance too late since I should have at least 1 relevant work experience at some financial institution since I am in my summer heading into junior year + being at a non-target also means I have to do catch up with the target school applicants most of which knew this was the career they wanted much more in advance as opposed to me realizing in Jan 2021. Any suggestions/roasting of my incompetence is welcomed. I want to hear all criticism whether it is valid or not.

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  • Managing Director in Consulting
Jul 6, 2021 - 8:15am

What BB's is  Babson a semi target for? 

Do you have alumni placed? Are you in contact with all of them, even the MM ones? 

Most Helpful
Jul 6, 2021 - 8:49am

From my understanding, Babson truly is a non-target unless you have a high GPA and leverage that to network with the tighter-knit alumni at any of the BBs. Babson has pretty impressive alumni placement at BB's given the size of the school and that it is respected by employers but is not conventionally attractive like the T10 undergraduate business schools. In terms of MM, Babson cleans up shop there as it is normally students like me who fall through the grapevine (justifiably or not). Since the school is geared towards entrepreneurship, the average GPA is rumored to be 2.7 as the students choose to value their start-ups over academics. This coupled with the fact that a degree from Babson is viewed at a baby Ivy-level internationally (I could argue 10-15x more prestigious in comparison to the US perspective), the school is crawling with international students whose parents know Babson will teach their children how to not mess up the equivalent of a Fortune 500 family business. This constricts the viable amount of students on campus aiding me in terms of those alumni connections. Unfortunately, those students remaining are hungry as hell so I have done my best to reach out to alumni at BBs and MMs but most of them have told me that they have already placed their pin in for other students who have been networking with them since freshman year. I only started remotely in January so I am behind the 8 Ball.

  • Intern in IB-M&A
Jul 6, 2021 - 9:05am

Resume looks great - curious why you are focused only on BBs and not boutiques? Believe most of the BBs are in process now with some already completed, think there is another post that has an exhaustive list.

In terms of the process, tbh standing out in the networking and interviews is the deciding factor, more so than your resume, school, background, etc. Being from a target could help in connecting with people, but in the current remote era it doesn't make a huge difference IMO.

Wouldn't worry about adding any more experiences right now, and would be entirely focused on firm research and networking, and maybe focusing on process that are later out (more time to get ready). 

Jul 6, 2021 - 9:29am

I'm pleasantly surprised by this response. In terms of boutiques, I applied to Blackstone and Moelis but was never granted a first round interview at either of those firms. Fun fact: It was gut wrenching that I got turned down by Fidelity in less than 24 hours, again not receiving a first round interview. Currently there may be a networking opportunity for me at Oppenheimer, but I'll have to do research as I am not familiar with their IBD. I'm playing catch-up here but I know applications for Goldman opened on the 1st but I probably have a slim to none chance since I haven't networker there. I plan on applying to JPM, UBS, and BNP.

  • Intern in IB-M&A
Jul 6, 2021 - 9:48am

Would also consider EB's that aren't done (PJT, CVP, here's the list https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/SA2022BanksStillRecruiting), as well as other groups similar to IBD like PCA or Shareholder advisory programs at strong firms. 

My two cents: Try to network or apply as early as possible, and I would also recommend speaking to enough people until you have impressed the decision makers and have high confidence that you will be selected for a first round. Would cast a wide net with regards to school and seniority. Once you get to the interview stage its also important to pivot to preparing for those (more of a time + effort investment than the firm and people research during networking).

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Jul 6, 2021 - 11:55am

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