What are my chances of getting acceptance into LSE Masters of Economics or Finance

Hey everyone,

I'm in my final year of my undergrad (graduating in July 2016), and am considering doing a Masters of Finance or Economics at LSE (or a similarly ranked university), in the event that my grades prohibit me from getting the job I want (Ideally 2nd tier management consulting, boutique IBD or at a place like the Asian Development Bank (or World Bank)).

So here's my situation: Currently studying law/commerce (majoring in corporate finance) at an Australian university (as my undergrad). My weighted average mark is really average though - 73% / 100% - (GPA = 5.3/7).

However, I've compensated in other areas.
- I went on exchange to a prestigious university in Singapore
- I've interned twice in Singapore (in small corporate advisory firms)
- I've interned with a Big 4 accounting firm (in advisory)
- I've interned with a mid tier Australian law firm in IP law
- I'm currently working in a high growth startup in the accounting technology space
- I've studied Chinese at a well known university in Beijing
- I've been president of a student society in my university
- I've won an international entrepreneurship competition
- I'm co-founding the local branch of an international not-for profit consulting firm.

With all this in mind, I understand that getting into grad school isn't purely about the grades. My story is that I've basically worked a bunch during my studies, and focused on other things (instead of just my GPA)

My question is, what do I need to achieve in the GMAT or GRE to have a reasonable chance of getting into LSE (or a similarly ranked uni) for Finance or economics. What other things should I be considering at this point?

Very much appreciate the help guys!

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