What are my next steps as a Junior in College?

I have a Summer Analyst Position currently this Summer and I'm not really sure what to do next. Do I apply for Summer Analyst positions at different banks for 2022 since most of the recruiting happen early? If I receive a full-time offer after graduation for my current internship I would definitely accept it as I'm very interested in the work I'd be doing, but if I also were to get another S&T analyst position for 2022 obviously I should probably reneg that offer for a full-time analyst position right? I've been jumping through the hoops and finally landed the junior year internship at a place I'd love to work at on a desk I'm very interested in and don't know if I should be applying for full-time to places for 2022, Summer analyst for 2022, or waiting til I finish this Summer and see if I get a full-time offer. Very curious to hear some experienced responses on this since most of you know better than me or were in this position too.

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