I am currently a Junior at a non-target majoring in Finance, 3.6 GPA, and very active with extra-curricular activities. I interned at a small PWM firm for super-high net worth clients last summer and currently intern with Merrill Lynch PWM. I finally figured out I wanted to work in investment banking because PWM is boring and managed (luckily) to get an unpaid internship at Wedbush this summer.

I definitely want a FT Analyst position out of undergrad, how do I make this happen? When do people start talking to recruiters/sending out cold emails to try to talk to said recruiters? ASAP or should I wait until August/September like everyone else.

Any advice is appreciated.

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It can't hurt to start now. As a non-target such as myself I have been reaching out and building relationship with people even for the recruiting season next fall and it one of those things that can only help you. It is currently what I am doing in hopes of getting that FT offer we all want.

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