Throughout the forum each specific area is very clear what each one does and the career path of each, but when I see the word 'Asset Management' there is a whole world in asset management and each path is not so clear.

So as a matter of clearing up and sorting out the noise how many of you here in that follow the Asset Management Powow what are you working at?

A. Analyst at a Mutual Fund Co. (Stock, Debt Picking)
B. Analyst of a Asset/Wealth Management Firm (Selecting Mutual Funds assisting Sales)
C. Financial Consultants (managing customers assests i.e. Sales)
D. Something else (Please specifiy)

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AM/PE is all in the category of buy-side.
In AM you buy things, trade pre-existing instruments

Sell-side is the type of thing you see investment banks do. They create the instruments. For example when a firm goes IPO the investment bank values it, creates the stocks and sells them to people on the buy-side (like AM)
Investment banks are also involved in providing advice for companies who are doing mergers, acquisitions, etc. but do not actually invest their own capital or buy anything.

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