What business schools to apply for an exchange semester?

So, I am currently attending HSG St. Gallen and doing my BBA there and I have been asking myself which university I should pick for my exchange semester. My goal is to get into the HEC-HSG double degree program where you can get a Master of Finance and the SIM in just two years and after that to get a job in the management consulting industry (McK, BCG, Bain) and then to switch into the US tech scene but I am not so sure about that one yet.
Currently I have been thinking about those three:

  1. Jiao Tong University Shanghai
    The reason would be the experience in the Asian sector which in my opinion is quite important these days. Additionally, I have been to Shanghai before for an internship and it was quite nice. Another factor to consider are the costs of living which in Shanghai are the lowest with only 1000€ (1200 USD) per month according to the information given by the university.

  2. HEC Montreal
    As I want do to the double degree program where you get a Master in Finance at HEC Paris and the SIM at HSG I thought that this might help me to get into the program. The living cost would be a bit higher though with 1100€ (1300USD) per month.

  3. Columbia University New York
    The obvious benefit would be the reputation in the US which would increase my chances of getting into the US industry as well as receiving the Fulbright scholarship which would be my plan for the gap year between Bachelor and Master. On the other hand, the costs of living there are the highest so far with 1900€ (2250USD) per month.

This consideration is only based on how much it would help me with my goals as stated above and not on how difficult it is to get the place at the university.
Best regards,

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