What can I do with a double major in Maths and Economics?

I have been applying to IBs for Sales & Trading roles but I would like to get some more ideas as to what career paths and internships may be available to me as I just entered my junior year, and because I haven't had much luck at all. My projected graduation is Spring 2020, but I may delay it to Fall 2020 depending on my course load and to give myself another chance for a junior summer internship if I cannot secure one in 2019. My school is pretty non-target but I am President of my university's investment club and had a Portfolio Management Internship in my city during Summer 2018. My resume isn't really the problem, my GPA is. So far I have close to a 4.0 in math (only have taken 3 classes), a little above a 3.0 in Econ, and a 2.7 cumulative (just trying to be as transparent as possible).

I taught myself Python over the summer, and I am starting to dabble in ML. My current career goal is to be a trader in the FICC space, or any other type of more quanty trading role, but I'm open to research more about other careers that a math and econ double major may be well-placed. Grad school is not off the table whether it be right out of undergrad or a couple years after, but I think the chances I get into a top 30 school are slim.

Given all of this, what advice do you all have?

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Sep 6, 2018