What computer for Excel and Argus?

I use a mac for every day work. I would like to get a pc mainly for excel and argus. I would like something that's fast (mac air always lags during excel), light, and has a lot of battery life. I have no idea where to start. Can anyone make some suggestions? Thanks.

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Oct 9, 2013

Thinkpad X1 Carbon. You're welcome.

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Oct 10, 2013

The laptop has great reviews but is roughly $1400. Some people are saying get a $200 laptop, they were great and just buy a new one every 15 months- 2 years..

Oct 10, 2013

You mentioned the Mac Air, the X1 is the business PC version of it. I have one and love it.

Please don't quote Patrick Bateman.

Nov 1, 2013

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Jan 1, 2014

Toshiba Protege an ultra book isn't bad. $800 I think.

Dec 1, 2015