What could cause a delay in job offer approval?

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Hi Monkeys,

I have been verbally offered a MO position at GS 3 weeks ago.
I signed the compensation form, submit my salary proof, agreed to the background check and was notified last week that on a regional level (I'm in Asia) it was approved and what was left was the global approval.

Today I was supposed to receive official results, but was instead told there was a delay in the global approval process and they would need a few more days.

Apart from reasons like sudden hiring freezes, what could be the cause for this? It is unlikely that it is a salary negotiation issue (I set very basic expectations) or background/reference check failure (Wouldn't that be approved in the regional level?)

Anybody who knows the regional/global approval process at GS, I would love to hear your advice on this as I am a little scared on missing out on my dream job. Thank you in advance!

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Nov 3, 2017

HR is probably slow or lazy to process the final parts of the offer. It will get there (if its supposed to get there).

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Nov 3, 2017

Thanks I really hope so! A little unexpected for GS to be slow in the process, so was concerned there was an issue.

Jun 6, 2018

Im in the same position waiting for the offer approval , since i have got the preliminary approval long back
Its been 6 weeks

Mar 5, 2019