What determines return offer for hedge funds?

Hi everyone. I am currently doing a winter internship with one of the top hedge funds in asia doing public equities. The CIO and PM has assured me that they are looking to convert interns into full timers but they have been rather vague on the requirements/KPI's that they are looking out for.

I was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to maximise my chances on getting a return offer at this hedge fund? Currently I have just been focusing on producing high quality work, as well as maintaining good relationships with the analyst and PM.

Thanks in advance!

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Dec 1, 2021 - 6:28pm

Yeah, that's pretty much it - make sure everyone likes you and produce high quality work. Other than that, if you wanna take it to the next level, ask good questions (and conversely, don't ask dumb questions) that they didn't think about for the company / situation at hand. 

Good luck. 

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Dec 1, 2021 - 7:22pm

Even just asking questions that show interest in the work. "That was a great pick going long on XYZ! How'd you come up with the idea about them specifically instead of [sector fund/vehicle they're in]?" Or "I read an article that [regulatory shift] is in the works? Is that going to affect us? If so, how?" Nothing stringent, but shows you're paying attention and showing interest. Keeps you in line to abide by the above advice of simply not asking dumb questions too!

Edit: Ask questions, don't try to have all the answers! You know more by simply admitting "I can't answer that. I don't know enough about it." vs the chump who comes in thinking they're the end all with all the answers and promptly shoves their foot as far down their own throat as possible by spewing bad answers, especially when they weren't asked in the first place. Don't be that guy.

Dec 1, 2021 - 7:31pm

You forgot about breakfast and lunch too. Founder wants the egg sunny side-up, coffee with skim milk and lots of bacon, but says "I want to eat healthier". 

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Dec 11, 2021 - 12:38pm

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