What do I do in this situation?

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Hi guys,

I graduated May 2017 and I've been trying to make a switch to <abbr title="investment banking

">IB since.

1) Summer Analyst in NY for something equivalent to GE Capital. Worked deal advisory and capital markets for Infrastructure projects. Had great exposure.
2) Currently an Analyst in Corp Dev for one of the biggest private companies in the world. worked on transactions up to $2.5B and closed 1 (30M)

Non-Target but not terrible, double major in Finance and Accounting - Overall GPA 3.45, Finance GPA 4.0

Currently we're about to close a big deal (2.5B) and they need their budget for integration guys so I'm out of luck...... So I'm looking to make a switch into IB and its been hard. I ended up securing a backup job at a big 4 for audit and starts soon but I was offered an internship at a small boutique focusing on lower MM (think 20-25 people). They told me I would mostly work in BD but I may get thrown on deals which I don't see why they wouldn't with my experience. Also was told they only hire from certain schools so more than likely I won't get an offer. I'm really conflicted on taking the risk. Is it worth it to get IB officially on my resume? Is it better to bite the bullet and go audit?

Also any advice on recruiting? What banks should I be targeting?

Thanks for your time