Hi, I've read these forums for a while and they helped me with interview prep and to some extent getting interviews. The sad and pathetic part is, I have no summer position lined up and don't know what to do now.

I had about 4 different interviews over a long time frame and failed to receive an offer. I did get one offer from a firm in October but it was unpaid and they wanted a response in a week but I had second round interviews at two other firms so I declined.

I failed one interview in the second round and the remaining two in the third (one of the firm's was only hiring 2 people out 15).

Now, I have no clue what to do considering I have no summer position and am graduating in December.

Note: I don't plan on taking summer classes as I only have to take 3 classes that must be taken in the fall, so no value there.

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Bro there are a lot of internships out there where they only accept 1/100. Where are you getting such crazy low figure application number banks from?

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@ seabird

I'm not sure I understand your question. What do you mean "crazy low application numbers banks from"? This was after several rounds of interviews.


Cold call everyone. What have you got to lose at this point?
If no summer position even after that... then you need to do something worth talking about in a future interview. If you don't have anything in mind like climbing mount Everest or backpacking though the amazon jungle, then just take one or two advanced classes even if you dont need them to graduate.
Stay cool, cuz if you got an offer once, you'll eventually get another one.


you can still recruit full time in october


What type of summer position are you looking for and what year are you? I was still in the interview process earlier this week but not for IB and so there's still a possibility for summer employment. Don't call yourself pathetic, these things happen, just keep trying.

Here's some choices for you:

  1. Cold call as many boutique banks as you can to see if they have positions open, even if they're unpaid
  2. Look into PWM, I know my friend is still in the process of interviewing at UBS for the summer, it might not be what you want but it's better than nothing.
  3. Explore some volunteering opportunities and dedicate yourself to a cause during the summer. Employers look for interesting, passionate people so if you have enough of those attributes you may be able to counter your lack of experience.
  4. See if you can work on a campaign for an elected official, again it's better than nothing.

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I'm in the same boat, I just google searched every company that ended in Capital from NYC to LA and called like crazy, I'm still calling actually so far I got one PWM interview in Jersey and made a few good contacts for full time recruiting at the end of the summer.

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