What do I do now? Unemployed since 2017

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I need a little bit of guidance and advice as I am currently stuck when it comes to the job market. I am currently 25 y/o and have boutique IB, M&A, and BB CB experiences on my resume but my last role ended as of 2017, so therefore I have been truthfully, unemployed for a while but remaining busy on small side projects while living at home.

I apply for roles on LinkedIn, Indeed, CareerNet, and so forth but on occasion I'll get a phone interview/in-person, but no offer. Now that I have a gap in my work experience, I think it is becoming ever more challenging and I am struggling to find a purposeful next step. Does anyone have any resources or advice for my situation?

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Apr 9, 2019
  1. Expand your target roles/companies.
  2. Be flexible on pay.
  3. Allow people to teach you new things.
  4. And be open to starting from square 1

The job market is more/less fixed. Yes, you can technically go work for any company doing anything, but since it's an unlikely event you can't put your eggs in one basket expecting something.

When you're a college student/fresh graduate, the world is much more lenient in terms of you trying to apply your skills/what you think you know. That's why being a non-target is not such a big deal for getting looks, as long as you are a junior or earlier or you have a decent resume and are <1 year graduated.

If you can't be fit into some traditional model, it really doesn't matter what job it is, it will be hard to get.

My recommendation is to try entry-level, small cap finance roles on the corp/ops side, or exit job market entirely for an MBA.

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Apr 10, 2019

Very helpful comment. Good luck on the job hunt ExploreMore!

Apr 9, 2019