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Sep 3, 2012

You call me, we talk about what we're looking to buy. we have lunch, it'll be a nice one too. you go off, talk to your portfolio guys / traders, get a price, see how much you're looking to sell, we sign an NDA, then you give us a shit load of docs and we do a trade. Or, you don't have it on inventory, you go get it from the market. Come back, tell us you've "found" it. By doing so telling us you got it from another institution, we bypass you so to not have to pay your spread, and get it from the source.

a lot of it is updating your client, coercing them into a sale if you've got a buyer the other end, or scratching backs (e.g., you give a good price on X trade on the understanding you'll get a price that's favourable to you later down the road). finding combos of names that would work etc..getting people in on primary syndicatiosn bla bla

for interview, practice drinking.

Sep 3, 2012


Anyone with an explanation?

Sep 3, 2012